Our system Hélios

Hélios is essential for generating electrical and thermal energy while optimizing production based on the occupied surface. The Hélios machine’s tracker allows the structure to follow the sun, increasing electricity production and ensuring consistent output throughout the day.


Designed and produced in France

The structure and various components are developed and manufactured in France. The production of the metal structure is eco-friendly. We have worked to minimize the weight of the structure while respecting the constraints. This robust, reliable, and innovative design has a minimum lifespan of 25 years. Manufacturing is centralized to minimize transportation.
hélios easy remove

100% removable and easy-to-install system

We have developed a modular structure where assembly and reallocation are easy. Our system relies on different ground supports, so it is not necessary to provide a foundation or bury the tracker. This reduces the complexity of assembly, disassembly (if necessary), the system’s weight, and most importantly, the environmental impact.

Multi-energy production (electricity, heating and cooling)

Hélios is a multi-energy system capable of producing electrical, hot thermal, and cold thermal energy from solar power. The generated power can be tailored to meet the needs of the target application. The size and configuration of the machine are designed to optimize return on investment for the client.
innovation technology

Innovative technologies

Hélios incorporates numerous innovative technologies. It features an innovative structure with a 2-axis tracking system. The tracking accuracy is enhanced with image recognition software and artificial intelligence integrated into an automation system. The production of thermal energy is achieved through an innovative and highly efficient solar receiver.

With Hélios, optimize your energy production.

Unlike a fixed solar installation, Hélios tracks the sun throughout the day, similar to a sunflower, thanks to its bi-directional tracking system. This allows for maximum production throughout the day. It is, therefore, the ideal system to meet your energy needs, promoting self-consumption and energy independence. Moreover, Hélios offers a modular energy production solution. Based on your electrical and thermal requirements, we can provide you with the ideal machine configuration to optimize your return on investment.

Hélios graphe electric power
Hélios graphe thermal power


Hélios PV

An innovative photovoltaic (PV) solar panel that follows the sun’s movement throughout the day. Thanks to this solar tracking system, Hélios PV optimises the capture of solar radiation and increases its annual energy production by +30% compared with a fixed PV solar panel. Hélios PV is therefore a high-performance, cost-effective solution for producing green electricity from the sun.

Hélios PV + Thermal

A modular hybrid solution that combines a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel and a solar thermal collector, Helios PV + Thermal produces both electrical energy and thermal heat from the sun. This innovative system is equipped with a thermal storage capability, conserving the heat generated during the day and releasing it as needed. Helios PV + Thermal offers a versatile and efficient solution to meet the energy requirements of various applications, including buildings, houses, farms, aquatic centers, and swimming pools.

Hélios e-Thermal Battery

An e-thermal battery machine that uses a solar concentrator to heat a heat transfer fluid. This fluid is then stored in a thermal reservoir that conserves the solar energy in the form of heat. Helios e-Thermal Battery can supply electrical energy using an Organic Rankine Cycle system that converts heat into electricity. Helios e-Thermal Battery can also supply hot or cold thermal energy using a heat pump system that transfers heat from the tank to a distribution circuit. Helios e-Thermal Battery is therefore an innovative and versatile machine that harnesses the sun’s potential to produce energy in a variety of forms.

Helios TurboGen

A high-efficiency machine that uses a solar concentrator to heat a heat transfer fluid. This fluid then drives a turbine to produce electricity. Helios TurboGen is suitable for industrial applications, remote areas and the production of green H2. In fact, it can run on biofuels or efuel in the event of a lack of sunlight, giving it extended autonomy and flexibility. Helios TurboGen is therefore an innovative and sustainable solution for producing energy from the sun and renewable fuels.


Helios solar trackerTrackeur solaire Hélios


Our vision behind the development of the Hélios system is to democratize the use of solar energy by improving efficiency and breaking down the cost and complexity barriers currently associated with solar energy production systems. Along with reducing the costs of solar concentrator systems, Hélios mitigates the environmental impact of photovoltaic systems and reduces geopolitical dependence on raw materials.


Isolated area
Aquatic Center
H2 production


customer benefits schema

Low cost

High electric efficiency

Available thermal heat (hot and cold)

Cogeneration capability with bio-fuel & H2 (optional)