Heat Exchangers

Versatile, Flexible and Efficient

With its diverse selection of heat exchange technologies, Exergetica reaches customers in global markets for power generation, oil and gas, chemistry, marine applications, climate and environment, food and beverages, and transportation. These include plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, finned-tube heat exchangers.

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Thanks to its latest calculation software to design and to manufacture heat exchangers, EXERGETICA offers the best technical solution with an optimal cost benefit ratio according to client needs and all international standards.

Discover our innovative 3D-printed heat exchanger, a revolutionary technology that offers customised design and optimum performance.


Explore our finned heat exchanger, an advanced technology designed to optimise heat transfer in a compact format.
Discover our shell and tube heat exchanger, an innovative, high-performance solution for maximising your company’s energy efficiency. Thanks to its optimised design, it recovers and reuses waste heat, reducing energy costs while protecting the environment.


  • Design expertiseWe customize solutions based on your design parameters
  • Numerical ModelingWe have built a library of data to increase the accuracy of our design models beyond the available data of the limited heat exchangers in the literature
  • 3D Printing/Additive manufacturing:  We enable you to create complex and super-performant heat transfer structures, even in tight spaces, that traditional manufacturing cannot achieve.
  • Testing & Experimental ValidationWe perform thermal and hydraulic characterization as well as endurance tests to validate the design and the strength of the designed heat exchangers

Our Heat exchangers line offers a design-to order process, with your application needs as the starting point. We optimize the total quotation process and tailor our manufacturing to fulfil your requirements. We start with the widest possible product portfolio, offered in our selection software.

Design and Manufacturing of a Heat Exchanger

Step 1: Thermal-mechanical calculation
We are able to define the type of exchanger suited to your needs. Also, we will define the power and the exchange surface. This is done according to your industrial process requirements Heat Exchangers are designed according to TEMA and ASME standards
Step 2: CFD modeling and local optimization
A CFD analysis can be performed for specific application.
Local parametrical and  topological optimization can be performed to enhance the performance of the heat exchanger and reduce its cost
Step 3: Manufacturing plans
These contain details of the different parts of the heat exchanger.
Step 4: Manufacturing
The manufacturing of our heat exchangers can be done either by metal additive manufacturing (for compact heat exchangers) or by a typical manufacturing industrialized process done by our manufacturing partners.

Our applications

Whether you are in the automotive industry, agri-food sector, pharmaceutical industry, construction (BTP), or any other sector, our heat exchangers are designed to meet your specific needs.

Construction sector
Automotive industry
Centre commerciaux
Industrie pharmaceutique
Pharmaceutical industry

Materials used in the manufacturing of exchangers

Whether it is 3D printed, welded or vacuum brazed we offer wide range of manufacturing materials such as:
  • Stainless steel 304L, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 310S
  • Inconel
  • Titanium


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